Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Jared's Wisdom has been exported

So, I'm segregating my IT/Financial rantings to a different site. So, this site will be more just for family, pictures, etc.

Jared's new site can be found here.

Thanks from your Friendly IT Guy!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Probably signing out for Jared

I'm thinking that "The Gardner Gallery" really isn't a great title for all things Jared/IT/Internet Hound related, so I'll probably switch over to a different blog. Hopefully, I can get Rose blogging on this site, since we really haven't done anything since our other blog went offline. In any case, feel free to click an ad for us, and we'll share our stats with you once it gets going. I'll give an update with my latest blog entry

Monday, January 24, 2011

Jared says:

OK, everyone... Or mainly just Krystal, since she's the only one who follows us so far...

So, this is my experiment with Google Adsense. I want to see how much you can actually bank from doing nothing but a very informal blog. I'm going to need some kind of topics, otherwise you're going to get my oh-so-geeky rantings and ravings (which may actually help my adsense ratings).

Basically, Google pays you to put up ads on your blog. Sure, the Google robot will read it and it is kind of freaky, but hey, I just wanted to try it.

Another main reason I'm doing this is because there are a few questions/inquiries that come up so often when you are an IT/Financial wannabe professional. I thought it would be helpful to catalog my knowledge so that I wouldn't have to keep repeating myself (you couldn't guess how many times I get the same exact questions from different people).

I may just go ahead and post whatever research I'm doing at the moment, just to put up some kind of content. Maybe I'll even put links to other websites that I find interesting.

I will offer my services to anyone who wants it, though. If you are thinking about buying any item, let me know. There is a super-good chance that I'll be able to find it cheaper, or in some cases, suggest an alternative that is either cheaper or of a higher quality for the same price. I specialize in consumer electronics, but can pretty much find the best deal on anything if given a couple of days. Also, you can ask me any type of financial advice (i.e. the latest and greatest stock pick).

Of course, I do not profess to be the master of all topics. So, if I'm way off base, or you have something to add, please feel free to comment.

Future posts may include:
  • How I pick stocks
  • Retirement Plans
  • Where I find the best deals, and how I go about searching
  • Anything and Everything Real Estate (and why not to buy right now)
  • Lots and Lots of Computer Advice
  • New vs Upgrading Computers
  • Best Free Anti Spyware/Anti Virus
  • Cool programs
  • Ultra-effective podcast management
  • Travel deals
  • Cool deals that I have gotten
  • Online money making schemes
  • ???
In any case, feel free to comment/ask questions/tell me I'm an idiot/etc.